How to enter our One-Day Competitions

The following information applies only to locally open tournaments run and managed by Sussex County Croquet Club (SCCC) for its own members and local players and advertised on the SECF website as well as internally. Internal club competitions, and Croquet Association (CA) sponsored national tournaments must be entered in the usual way and not from this site.

Entry data stored on the site is stored in an encrypted state.

You can enter an informal SECF/open tournament at SCCC in two ways:

  1. Click here to complete an on-line entry form.  You will be contacted by the Tournament Secretary once your entry has been processed, which will be within a few days in normal circumstances.  This is now the only way to enter these competitions. Ask a friend to enter you if you do not have access to the website or cannot for any other reason.
  2. Once your entry has been accepted, payment is to be made for next tournament ONLY. Please ensure you give the correct reference: (GC or AC and date of tournament) eg GC17July. The references are on the list of competitions.

  3. On-line entries close one week before the tournament when the entries will be sent to the Tournament Manager. Entries or changes made after that date should be sent directly to the Tournament Manager.
  4. Entries can be made for any future tournaments but please only pay for the next tournament .
  5. Refunds are not given after the closing date .   This is 7 days before the tournament.

Payment Method
You will receive a reminder email around two weeks before the next tournament date asking for payment. Cash is no longer accepted. Pay by direct bank transfer to Sussex County Croquet Club, Acc No: 00842478, sort code: 20-12-75 and the tournament reference (See (2) above)

Payment by cheque only as a last resort please. By post to the Treasurer.

Entry for doubles competitions
Because doubles competitions need to be arranged with an entry in multiples of 4 players, it is highly advisable to enter early to be assured of a place.  Nearer the closing date, the 17th, 21st or 25th player may be told they are on reserve pending 3 additional entries.

If you want to enter a doubles event with a partner, please make sure that player also makes an official entry, or do it for them on the website.  Giving your partner's name on the form in the space marked 'Partner' is insufficient; if you email you must make it clear if you are entering for both parties.

Click here if you want to check the status of your entry.  It will show:

  • entry sent (on-line entry only) - you have requested a place but the Tournament Secretary has not yet acted on your request.
  • reserve - at the time of your entry all expected places are taken. Further contact from the Tournament Manager direct if a place becomes available.
  • accepted - your entry has been received and acknowledged. Further contact will be from the Tournament Manager direct.
  • withdrawn - you have cancelled your request for a place.

If you wish to amend entry detals or withdraw from a tournament please email

Please report problems or errors to the Tournament Secretary.

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